We didn't find her.

You must talk to Raphael.

The war is essentially over.

Malaclypse is smiling.


Washington was the most famous man in America.


This is exactly the book that I want to read.

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I haven't liked anything I've seen so far.

Blayne said that he'd rather come tomorrow.

Do you understand the guide?

I don't see her doing that.

I went to two concerts last week.

I can hold my liquor better than you.

Where is he now?


Thanks for the hospitality.

I didn't tell you to fire him.

You made a promise.

My cousin, who is a lawyer, is in France at present.

She needs assistants.

Tareq is giving out flowers.

Water boils at a temperature of 100 degrees centigrade.

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Do you know the story of Hansel and Gretel?

I lent the record to Ken.

I saw them the other day.

Rajeev said the soup was too hot.

It's almost too good to be true, isn't it?

He went to Yokohama in his beloved car.

Keith isn't violent.


I didn't tell her everything.

Do they think Cathrin kissed Jess?

Thank you for listening to me.


She quoted a poem by Keats.


He is a shame of the town.

Falling on ice hurts.

I want many books to read.

Kirk has a ten-speed bike.

The grooms tend to the horses.


Janet's a likable guy.


How did you pull it off?

Your knowledge of the subject is superficial, Felix.

Leads has a learning disability.

We see a sleeping car there.

This old French table is a very valuable piece of furniture.

You know how important you are to me.

She is leaving for her hometown tomorrow morning.

The previous sentence is true.

This solves a lot of our problems.

You will do no such thing.

Cristopher knew who Sriram wanted to go to the dance with.


They seldom, if ever, quarrel with each other.

She was chosen from among many students.

It is hard for me to keep early hours.


Everyone's waiting to see what Sergio will do.

Nanda is extroverted, isn't he?

Sanity does only what he wants to do.

How do you and Lorraine know each other?

Her boyfriend looks like a monkey.

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I'm asking you to reconsider.

I love my home.

We meant no harm.

I prepared the meal for this evening.

I take it you talked to them.


The hairs on the violin bow should not be too taut.

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I've never had problems before.

Why didn't they go?

Don't leave them alone.

Jaume's grandmother spoke Catalan better than Spanish.

I was with her.


Is a human being mortal?

None of that means anything to me.

What kind of things do you like to do?

Kiki is a bit conceited.

It's regrettable.


He came here by way of Boston.

No sign of the enemy in our surroundings.

They're building a new square.

This beefsteak smells good.

Life was never meant to be easy.


Where does that bus go?

Spock looks alarmed.

Do what you can, with what you have, where you are.


Floyd is not happy to be here.


You can listen to anything you want.


Kate is smarter than any other student in our class.

Do you know that guy?

I won't lie to Betty.

I don't know what to depend on.

Ken will be fifteen next year.


She availed herself of every opportunity.

I was fined for fishing without a license.

We went back to the living room.


The collaboration between Knut and Dalton is not going very smoothly.

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North China is cold in spring, so flowers don't bloom outdoors.

Take your umbrella because it is cloudy.

I'm not the kind of person that you think I am.


Ecosystems and the benefits they provide to society are being affected by climate change.

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Did I come at a bad time?

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I took a walk.

Patricio likes Liyuan very much.

He made a bold attempt.

Al said he would do that for us.

Were you with Nichael yesterday afternoon?


The President will continue to work with Congress wherever he can to keep our economy moving forward and creating jobs.


Rodent doesn't have many books.


She cancelled her date.

We spent the night in an inexpensive hotel.

We're friends since Monday.

Malloy, I've got to tell you something.

Don't let him escape!

It was a stupid bet.

Are you two working together again?

It's all for the best.

Can you do that for me?

Is there any food?

You just sit here and wait.


Did Randolph like Boston?

Why won't anyone help us?

Mr. Wang is Chinese.


A king's daughter is a princess.

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Believe it or not, this has happened to me many times before.

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I have the best job in the entire world.


He took thousands of pictures.


I can't believe Blair said yes.


She looks very good.

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They stayed at a five-star hotel.


Does a psychiatrist need a psychiatrist?

I need more time than that.

He is bright, and what is more, he is polite.


They want you.

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Roland is really drunk.

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You should kick that bad habit.


I met him last week for the first time in ages.

I doubt I can get him to do it.

Leave the door open.

There is a shuttle bus that goes to the Ginza Tokyu Hotel.

Never make fun of someone who speaks a language poorly. It means they know another language.

You should probably do what Victoria asks.

I thought you were going to hurt me.

I don't even want to hazard a guess.

I hope you don't change your mind.

I had to force Kriton to take it.

Sanand can speak French and so can I.

I'll be glad to answer any questions you may have.

Why didn't you try and stop Rafael?

Mr Wood was like a father to Tony.

He travels about the world gathering facts about little known countries.

I'll write to you when I have time.

If I had known about it, I would have told you.

Can you tell me how to get to the library?

There is an exception to every rule.

Janice stood me up.

You may be right.


This book is my good luck charm; I read it every five months.

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Rosie was allowed to stay up till eleven o'clock.

Just as if that was proof that that English was correct.

I played with the baby on my knee.